Who we are

The Gonzaga Institute, founded in 1919 by Jesuits priests, is a Catholic Comprehensive School that belongs to the educational, cultural and religious tradition of Palermo. 

It is part of the Jesuits’ network of schools and educational works in the Euro-Mediterranean Province, (Foundation “Gesuiti Educazione”) it is inspired by the Ignatian pedagogy principles based on the focus on the students and on their ability of being an active part in their learning process, on the whole formation of the person, summarised in the shared perspective of all the  network projects:

“Schools of the Foundation Gesuiti Educazione undertake to train competent, conscious, compassionate global citizens who are committed to meeting the challenges of their time with creativity and boldness, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, by welcoming a dialogue with every other religious perspective and taking care of others, above all those in greatest need, and of the world, our common home, according to the principles of justice, love and peace”.


The Institute, aware that families and society demand a quality education, meets the great contemporary cultural and educational challenges: the rediscovery of the passion for culture and critical thinking, but also the need to face modern dynamics linked to a proper orientation and preparation for university and the world of work.

It is in this direction, that the continuous research for new strategic solutions goes, such as:  the strengthening of the  foreign languages teaching from kindergarten to high school; the promotion of the sense of belonging to a wider context through projects linked to internationality and multiculturalism; the didactically conscious use of computer technologies; the curricular and extracurricular projects linked to arts, science, sports, music and to the social and political formation.