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The Ignatian Curriculum

The perspective and the mission of our school and of the other Jesuits’ schools is being implemented in the curriculum, as a path that leads to the success of the Ignatian student. 

The curriculum tries to answer the following questions: What is the added value of an Ignatian school? Which values, spiritual, formative and methodological references of the tradition of the Society of Jesus are expressed in it today? The elements combined in our curriculum are the following:

The Tutoring
The accompaniment of the students in their academic and integral growth path. 

The Pastoral Care
The set of formative, spiritual and social opportunities that enrich the school journey. 

Not only as “the acquisition of high language skills”, but especially:  the openness to the world, the encounter with “others” and a mutual valuing with the other, the sense of responsibility and of global citizenship. 

The critical, responsible and smart use of new tools and communication methods as opportunities for cultural and human growth.

The educational Project

The Jesuits’ educational goal is to fully educate a person – to be competent, knowledgeable, compassionate and involved – in a society that evolves, in the middle of the 21st century. This four adjectives represent the human excellence we want for our students. For us, a skilled student is the one who is prepared to face the challenges of today’s life, not only academically but also humanly.

Through the proposed educational path, students are able to create a Life Plan that combines personal, social and methodological skills together with the sense of responsibility in the domains that characterize the Ignatian student as a committed citizen in the world: 

Environment, Health, Economy, Information, Work, Mobility, Migration and Refugees,  Justice, Poverty.